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Hi, I'm Layla Law-Gisiko


After 16 years serving on Manhattan Community Board Five, I want to bring our voice to Albany, to serve the needs of our district. Issues such as affordable housing, homelessness, education, or quality of life are the reason why I am running. 

I will fight for equality and social justice for all. 

Midtown Manhattan is the economic engine of the region. That's the reason it is imperative to fix the highly dysfunctional Penn Station. The train hub must become a world-class 21st century transit center.



I was born in Paris, France, to a French father and a Tunisian mother. After graduating from high school,

I started college at La Sorbonne University in Paris. With a master's in French literature and a master's in journalism, I started my career in France as a journalist and documentary filmmaker. At 25, I emigrated to New York to broaden my career. I traveled extensively through the US and produced and directed numerous documentaries on current affair issues for French TV outlets such as Canal Plus, FT1, and France 2. 



I joined Manhattan Community Board in 2005, where I served on the landmarks committee. Over the course one my 16 years on the board, I've served on almost every committee. Alongside my great colleagues, we have advocated for housing, education, healthcare issues. We half a decade, we negotiated the East Midtown rezoning, a comprehensive zoning change that facilitates transit and public realm upgrades, as well as historic preservation. 

I currently chair the Land Use, Housing and Zoning Committee of CB5, as well as the landmarks committee. 

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Democratic voters in New York need to see that Layla Law-Gisiko is an outspoken community advocate, longtime journalist, immigrant, and mom who raised her family in this community. As a Community Board Five member for 17 years, and now as the Chair of the Land Use & Housing Committee, Layla has fought for safer streets, solutions to quality of life issues, great public schools, and affordable housing. She is committed to keeping our neighborhoods safe, by increasing services for mental health and substance use treatment, creating permanently affordable housing for low and moderate income households as well as for the homeless with wraparound services, and focusing on community policing. Layla has gone toe-to-toe with greedy developers and took on ex-Governor Cuomo to fight against the Penn Station project that would enrich ultra-wealthy developers at the expense of everyday New Yorkers. Layla will keep fighting to ensure Penn Station becomes a 21st century transit hub. As an investigative journalist, Layla has dedicated her career to bringing light to social and environmental justice issues that impact our communities, and as an Assemblywoman she will fight for real ethics reform to clean up the corruption in Albany and to expand transparency in government. 

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