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Layla Law-Gisiko Launches her campaign.

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Supporters gather for Layla Law-Gisiko's campaign kick-off in front of the Hotel Pennsylvania in Midtown Manhattan.


On Thursday, December 16, Layla Law-Gisiko kicked off her campaign for New York State Assembly District 75. Joined by colleagues, friends and supporters, she declared her intention to run.

I’ve been called a trouble-maker. Well, yes, I do challenge the status quo. I do challenge “business as usual”. I do question rationale for decisions that make no sense.

She promised to fight for tenants rights, affordable housing, education reform, especially class size reduction. Her time on Manhattan Community Board Five has prepared her for the challenge ahead. Speaking about her experience on the board, she said: "We’ve seen it all. We’ve worked on issues ranging from housing to education to historic preservation to land use and zoning. Fighting hospital closings, advocating for the siting of a new elementary school, calling for class size reduction, sounding the alarm on overdevelopment along Central Park. And of course, the ongoing fight against the Governor’s land grab in the Penn area."

She added "Together, we can accomplish a lot in the state legislature. We can get a better MTA, more money for our schools, improved hospital coverage, to name a few. And we can bring balance to an executive chamber that in recent past has been out of control."

Once in Albany, Layla will make "good trouble" for District 75, for the great city and the great of New York.

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